Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rover's Sculptural Start

Hi guys! Quincy here. sweltering, balls hot Cincinnati. Seriously: I'm sick of this heat, yo. But on a plus side it's brought me back to reminiscing of much cooler times. Ah yes, the late fall days when I could venture to the Brand Loyalty studio, kick my feet up with a nice 'low-brow to be high-brow' brew and scratch away at a new figure in sublime comfort. No oppressive sun! No O2 ousting humidity! Yup, those were the days... *sigh* But enough of my complaining! I assume that's not what you're here to read about. Instead, how about we take a look at a few fun photos I've gathered to share and illustrate the aforementioned time of comfort.

These are early production shots of Rover. Hope you enjoy.

Not long after the transfer process from plasticine to our special wax that Tim (stylus) engineered.

Further along. ...Does this count as a preview of a potential up and coming Rover project?

A few tools.

Mold Start.

This little gem is the first Rover cast, and thus I celebrated Father's day this year! Interesting note: That jumble of fleshy colored parts is the original wax. The extraction process of cutting the mold open usually results in the wax being destroyed. However we still like to bag and save the leftovers for posterity.

The resulting color test before we jumped into creating the 'Ingot' line of Rovers we featured at SDCC!

More insight to follow, just stay tuned.

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  1. did you sell-out of these guys at the con? i bet you did, right? the fantastic printing of the cards can't have hurt.