Sunday, October 3, 2010

Raw Pink Rover (tease)


  1. Hello - I found your site through a video on Vimeo about Sculpco. I really love the Big Plastic series you show on your facebook page. Are these pieces available for purchase? I am especially interested in King Zor. I am a collector myself, but the original Zor was my father's favorite Christmas present he ever received as a kid. I really think he would get a kick out of your take on this classic. Please let me know if any are available, and how I can go about purchasing.


  2. Adam! i'm so so sorry i'm so late in responding to you! as you can see, we're not always so on top of this here blog- but we really appreciate your interest and YES we do have zors available. please email me at if you're not too put off by how long this took to reach you.
    thanks so much,